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Allow Me to Re-introduce

At the age of six, coming from Somalia to America was a real journey. Having to adjust to a  new lifestyle, and American culture was different, and not to mention I was without my Mom, Dad and siblings. It was challenging for me growing up. I knew I didn’t fit in. My look was different and the children at school knew it, on top of learning the English language. This hasn’t been an easy journey for me, but a test of my inner strength and tenacity. I felt as there was no place where I would fit in until I decided to make my own space. I found my purpose, and established it!! After giving birth to my first child, I changed the projectory of my life, and realizing my children gave me purpose. I knew that with this purpose I could not fail. In 2018, I started an eyelash business to support the family that I created in America as well as my Mom back home in Somalia . Mana (My Mom) became my biggest supporter. She's my backbone. I dedicate my business to her “ MANAMINK3D”. Shortly after MANAMINK3D, the concept and birth of “Vitabella” hair was birth with an incredible business partner and an amazing friend. His strength and strong business sense along with my drive and purpose, birthed Vitabella (Beautiful Life). We see the love and fire for a BEAUTIFUL LIFE!!! Every morning waking up I can feel my purpose! I fell in love with making the next Queen look beautiful both inside and out! This is my pleasure! This is my purpose! This is my dream come true! I pride myself in providing outstanding service to all my clients. Great customer service and amazing products is what you have when you purchase MANAMINK3D and VITABELLA! ~NINA

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